Following are pictures of a short mountain biking trip to Buena Vista (CO) right after school was out, June 2004.

Claudia with Maggie, her new love.

Tye and K's playing tetherball at the Vista Courts.

More tetherball

More tetherball

Big bro is winning

K's and Tye getting ready to ride the Colorado Trail just south of Chalk Creek. Riding North to Chalk creek.

Claudia and Sophie getting a drink. Probably one of Sophie's last rides.

Tye figuring out the route after Dad got us lost.

Alright, figured out the route and found the Colorado Trail sign.

Tye taking a breather.

K's, the mad mountain biker.

Mom catching the first rays of the summer.

K's psyching up for a wicked downhill.

Resting down at Chalk Creek. Tye is checking out his helmet after a gggnarly fall.

Family togetherness.