Mark Williams, Dave Clow, Mark Butler, David Greenwood

Ski route with GPS waypoints. click here for a larger map

Mark at the Rush Creek trailhead. Typical warm and sunny eastern Sierra start.

David and Mark Butler taking a breather on trail between Agnew and Gem Lakes.

Looking back towards Agnew Lake.

Crossing Gem Lake. Weather coming in.

Looking from Gem Lake towards Rogers and Lyell Peaks on the crest.

David Greenwood psyching up to cook dinner.

Mark Butler relaxing after a hard day.

Dave Clow at camp.

Heading toward Lost Lake and the Kuna Crest route. Sierra sunshine back in the picture. Still windy and cold on the crest.

Mark Butler with the crest behind him. I think thats Rogers Peak to his left.

Dave Clow at the summit of the pass above Lost Lake. Kuna Crest (?) in the background.

Looking back towards Banner and Ritter in the Minarets.

David Greenwood with Lyle Peak (?) behind him. Headwaters of the Tuolummne Drainage.

Col above Lost Lake.

Lots of mountains!

Easy skiing below the Kuna Crest.

Skiing towards Helen Lake below the Kuna Crest. Campsite was just below where the left-hand side of the ridge hits the snow.

Self-portrait at camp.

Looking from camp back towards the col we went over from Lost Lake. Donahue Peak on the right. Donahue Pass and the PCT are just off the right side of the frame.

Donahue Peak on the left. Donahue Pass in the middle. Probably Mt Davis above Donahue Pass.

Looking south towards the Yosemite Park Boundary. Davis Peak on the left, Mt Lyell on the right.

Looking southward. Lyell (on the left) and McClure on the right.

Mark Butler pulling into camp.

Dave Clow at camp. Next day we headed over the small pass behind Dave and then turned right to a col above Helen Lake.

Dave Clow probing for a suitable snowpit location.

Dave digging a snowpit. About 8' deep.

Watching the clouds roll in from camp.

Looking from Helen Lake down towards Dana Meadows.

Dave Clow and I downclimbed this little col above Helen Lake. Slope angle between 40-45 degrees.

A companion col above Lake Helen that Mark Butler and David Greenwood came down. Note the nice cornice.

Lunch at the outlet of Helen Lake. The pass (col) above Lake Helen that allowed us to traverse the Kuna Crest.

Lunch crew.

Mark Butler taking a rest while skiing down towards Dana Meadows.

Dave Clow.

We are in the trees. Where are we?