We have updated and expanded the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) database, focused on high-mountain areas of Central Asia. Through our expert knowledge of Central Asia we harvested this data to extend the time series of the 40 climate stations from Central Asia currently in the GHCN and added another 200 stations to that data set. Most of the new stations are located above 1,000 m in elevation. We provide monthly mean data for air temperature and cumulative monthly precipitation values, along with a subset of maximum/minimum monthly temperature data. Metadata for all 200-plus stations is included.

Overview of the database, winword doc file

Below are the files for monthly mean air temperature, monthly max and min air temp, and monthly precipation from 200 plus mountain climate stations in Central Asia.

Monthly air temperature, excel file

Monthly air temperature min and max, excel file

Monthly precipitation, excel file

original data sources, pdf file