Hydrology Certificate in Geography

Certificate Intent:

The primary goal is to provide students with a well-rounded and broad-based background in hydrology. Secondly, we will provide advising for students interested in pursuing hydrology beyond the undergraduate degree. Upon completion of the required courses and graduation from the Geography department, students will receive a certificate signed by Professors Peter Blanken, John Pitlick, Suzanne Anderson, and Mark Williams.

The hydrology certificate program is for students who have a major or minor in Geography.

Required Classes for a Hydrology Certificate in Geography

TWO senior-level hydrology classes from the following list

Contact Mark Williams if you wish to discuss specific courses not listed here that may be acceptable substitutes for the classes listed above.

Course Recommendation

There is no course sequencing. Courses can be taken in any order. However, we strongly suggest that Introduction to Hydrology and Statistics be taken before the senior-level courses.

Lower Division Science Courses. Students who are trying to position themselves for a career in hydrology or related disciplines are encouraged to take lower division courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. However, these courses are not required either as prerequistes for the courses or for the hydrology certificate.