KAELEN B. WILLIAMS (KB): February 2001

KB and JJ are conducting an experiment to determine if the product "METABOLITE" can cause weight loss for their 4th grade science project.

The experiment consists of two groups of mice. Each group consists of five mice.

The control group of mice is fed regular mice food.

The experimental group of mice is fed regular mice food covered with metabolite.


JJ and KB taking mice out of box in preparation for weighing.

JJ weighing mouse and KB recording weights.

JJ upclose and personal with mouse.

JJ weighing mouse. Note high-precision scale.

Taking the mice to INSTAAR for their initial weight-in.

KB taking mice out of box to weigh.

KB preparing to weigh mouse. Scale in background.

Weighing a mouse on a high-precision scale.

KB writing down the weight of a mouse.