KAELEN B. WILLIAMS (KB): February 2002

KB is conducting an experiment on buoyancy for his science fair project at Douglass Elementary School.

The overarching question is: "If you have a boat full of rocks and throw the rocks out of the boat and into the lake, will the lake level rise or decrease.


Snuck in a picture of Claudia and Sophie.

Mad scientist at work.

Motivated scientist weighing pennies (pennies are the rocks in his experiment).

KB is even more excited. Note the graduated cylinder to measure the water in his experimental system.

KB's experiment: "boat", "rocks", and "lake". Kaelen is marking the level of the lake with the rocks in the boat.

Marking the level of water in the lake after the "rocks" are tossed into the lake from the boat.

Close-up of the change in lake level before and after tossing the "rocks" into the lake.

Even closer. Lower line is after tossing rocks into the lake.