Instructor: Mark Williams

Telephone: 492-8830


** DUE 5 MAY, 4 PM, Mark WILLIAMS mailbox at INSTAAR**

Subject Matter

The main task is for you to find something that interests you, so that you do a good job on the paper. There must be a quantitative aspect to the paper where you can manipulate data. However, I'm willing to discuss alternatives on a case-by-case basis, which need prior approval from me.

Literature Reveiw versus Original Data

You can do either a literature review or collect your own data. If you do a literature review, you need to take existing data and manipulate it somehow.

Working Together

Yes, you can work together on a project. However, papers must be written independently.

Suggested Journals

Remember that the best library in the world on snow and ice is located on east campus, RL2, rm 215, National Snow and Ice Data Center and World Data Center A for Glaciology.

Paper Format