JULY 13-17, 2001

Following are pictures of a family canoe trip we took from 13-17 July, 2001. We went with Mike and Kristen Zika and their daughter Chloe. We put in at Mineral Bottom on 13 July and floated the Green River in canoes down to the confluence with the Colorado River. On 17 July we returned to Moab by jetboat up the Colorado River.

Loading the canoes at the Mineral Bottom put-in: Kristen, Claudia, and Mike.

Tye and Kaelen ready to paddle away.

Mike throwing a pass to Tye, Kaelen, and Chloe.

Kristen and Claudia firing up the coffee pot.

Hanging out at the "Outlaw Cabin" along the Green River.

Tye and Kaelen at an Anasazi signaling post.

Chloe hanging out along the Green River.

Tye and Claudia paddling in front of White Rim sandstone.

Mike washing dishes.

Tye and Claudia at breakfast.

Kaelen reading in his tent.

Chloe playing in the sand.

Tye and Kaelen paddling. Kristen and Claudia in the background.

Kaelen with alien eyes.

Claudia contemplating life.

Looking down on canoes from the start of the hike to Turk's head Anasazi ruins.

Kristen and Chloe in water from high above.

Mike at Anasazi ruin on Turks Head point.

Tye and mom at Anasazi ruin at Turks Head.

Kaelen chipping flint into arrowhead at Anasazi ruins.

Jumping into the Green River at Turks Head.

Lunch at Turks Head.

Triple jump off the rock at Turks Head.

Cannonball by Tye. Kaelen is evaluating Tye's style.

Kaelen improvising a backflip.

Chloe impersonating a mud monster.

Kristen and Claudia listening to Chloe pontificate about the meaning of life.

Kaelen and Tye discussing the finer points of skipping rocks.

Babe Ruth trying to skip rocks across the Green River.

Tye shows how skipping rocks is done.

Kaelen demonstrating the correct follow-through for skipping rocks.

The well-dressed Zika tying down a load in his canoe.

Tye and Mike floating lazily down the Green River.

Chloe and Kristen showing some Green River dance moves.

Chloe with a weird alien eye.

Kristen relaxing in the Green River.

Claudia cooling down during a hot day on the Green.

Kaelen and Mike exploring the Green River.

Chloe cann't seem to get rid of her alien eye.

Kaelen and Chloe digging for gold on a sandbar.

Tye and Kaelen discussing the wind after lunch.

Brotherly love.

Chloe says: "Who needs TV when you can be swimming in the Green River?"

Mikeazine leads the pack down the Green River.

Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. We are swimming in the Green River. That dark red stuff in the background is the Colorado River.

Looking for goodies at our camp on the Colorado River.

View from the groover towards the Colorado River.

Kristen enjoying the rat race.

Personal hygiene along the river.

Mike telling stories while we wait for the jet boat to pick us up.

Kaelen and mom on the jetboat. Unfortunately, there was no TV on the boat.

Park Service boat stopping to say hello.

Group photo on the jet boat ready to head back to civilization.

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

Delicate Arch again.

Petroglyphs along the trail to Delicate Arch.