ACID MINE DRAINAGE RESEARCH: Mary Murphy Mine, Buena Vista, CO

Entrance to the Mary Murphy Mine, April 1999

Principal investigator: Dr. Mark W. Williams

Student lead: Jen Hazen

Funding Sources

Project Summary

Here we studied acid mine drainage and remediation using a combination of hydrometric measurements, water isotopes, and solute chemistry. Location was the Mary Murphy mine, located on the Chalk Creek drainage near Mt. Princeton, above the town of Buena Vista, Colorado. The unique part of this research was that we conducted the study inside the mine. Our intent was to identify the actual source of acid mine drainage (primarily high zinc) within the mine. Once we identified the water source, our intent was to divert the "bad" water internally within the mine to reduce or eliminate treatment costs.

Jen Hazen has a nice web page that presents an an overview of the project.

July 02 sampling trip with Bob Michel and Dan Cordalis click here


Use of Isotopic and Dissolved Solute Tracers to Identify Hydrologic Sources and Flowpaths in a Mine, AGU 99 annual meeting.