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Project Summary

This effort is for instrumentation in snow hydrology research to support ongoing and new research efforts to understand the physical processes that control snowpack dynamics. Instrumentation from this grant will be deployed and complement existing instrumentation at an alpine site on Niwot Ridge in the Colorado Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Snow-atmosphere energy fluxes will be measured to validate and calibrate energy balance snowmelt models. These measurements will complement existing equipment to measure snowmelt quantity and timing, including 16 snowmelt lysimeters currently installed and another 116 snowmelt lysimeters to be installed in the summer of 1997. Additionally, we will include a comparison of the Aerodynamic Profile Method (APM) and the Eddy Correlation Method (ECM) to measure turbulent fluxes. Our objective here is to derive a site specific Monin-Obukov similarity relation for the inexpensive APM from the expensive and intensive ECM that can then be generalized over a wide range of snow conditions and areas.


Campbell #


UT930 Universal 10 m Tower
UTGUY 10 m Tower Guy Kit
21X Microdatalogger with Eddy Correlation Prom
CSM1 CSL Card Storage Module
CSMC2M 2 Mbyte Memory Card
MCR1 Memory Card Reader
ID-2000 Data Graphics Software
MSX20R 20 Watt Solar Panel w/ Regulator
-XT Temperature Modification for 21X (-55 C)
CA27 Sonic Anemometer w/Case and Thermocouple
27S Sonic Transducer Spare
127 Fine Wire Thermocouple for CA27, (3x)
127/e Carrying Case
KH20 Krypton Hygrometer w/ Case
Q7 REBS net Radiometer
SR50_L CSC Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor
CSAT3 3-D Sonic Anemometer
21X Microdatalogger for CSAT3 Anemometer
SDM-AO4 4-Channel Continuous Analog Module
RF200 Johnson UHF Radio Link
RF95 RF Modem for Radio Telemetry
RF232 RF Base Station for Receiving
RF Relay Station for Radio Link to Boulder
CS105 Vaisala Barometric Pressure Sensor
05305 RM Young Wind Monitor-AQ (2X)
ASPTC_L Aspirated Thermocouple w/Radiation Shield
CS500 Vaisala Temperature & Relative Humidity Probe (2X)
41002 Radiation Shield for CS500
UT18 Crossarm and Tower Mounting
UT12VA Crossarm Mount for Temp. Sensor
FWTC05 Type E Fine Wire Thermocouple (10X)
TCR6 Thermocouple Reference Junction
HFT3 REBS Soil Heat Flux Plate (2X)
AM ENCT Thermally-Insulated Multiplexer Enclosure for TC
AM25T 25-Channel Solid State Multiplexer for TC
ENC 16/18 White-Fiberglass Enclosure for Datalogger ect (2X)