Soddie Snow Lysimeter Array and Laboratory

The Soddie Lysimeter Array on Niwot Ridge and is located near treeline, in an open meadow surrounded by ribbon forest. 

Underground Laboratory

The Soddie underground laboratory houses the data collection system for the snow lysimeter array and other meteorological instruments. Meltwater from the snow lysimeters flow by gravity into tipping buckets which are connected via 14 switch modules to a Campbell CR-10 data logger. Data from the meteorological tower are recorded by a Campbell CR-21X data logger.

Lysimeter Array

The lysimeter array consists of 105 snowmelt lysimeters, situated in a 40m by 40m open meadow. The lysimeters drain into PVC tubing that routes meltwater into the underground laboratory.

Meteorological Tower

A meteorological tower is located in the field next to the lysimeter array. Data recorded includes temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, and snow depth.


For a list of available data gathered at the Soddie site, click here.

Last Edited: June 7, 2002