Mountain Hydrology Senior Seminar

Geog 4110, Fall 1997

Wednesdays 5-8 pm

Location: INSTAAR conference room

Mountain hydrology senior seminar, maximum of 15 students, requires consent of the instructor.

Instuctor:Mark Williams

Telephone: 492-8830

Office Hours: Wed 2-5 pm

About the class:

The primary objective of this research seminar is to introduce undergraduate students to research topics and methodologies in hydrologic processes in headwater catchments. Seminar subjects may include measuring precipitation quantity and quality, runoff processes, hydrochemistry, acid deposition, and biotic responses to snow. However, topics will be tailored to the interests of students in the course. A secondary objective is to introduce students to critical thinking in the hydrologic sciences. Students are expected to actively participate in the class, including leading discussions on specific topics, commenting on presentations by other students and researchers, and through written assignments. A third objective is to introduce students to current research activities in mountain hydrology, and to the different research organizations conducting these research activities. Guest lectures will be presented by representatives from CU-Boulder, the U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, and U.S. Forest Service.


Participation 25%
Field Trip 15%
Discussion Leader 15%
Paper Abstract 5%
Paper 25%
Paper Presentation 15%


Aug 27 Williams Organizational Meeting
Sept 3 Bundy, Shea Climate change
Sept 10 Kate, Devan N deposition
Sept 17 Drew, Brian Hydrologic Flowpaths
Sept 24 Kevin, Chris Acid Rock Drainage
Oct 1 Wilson, Sam Remote Sensing of Snow
Oct 8 Eric, Pat Snowmelt
Oct 15 John Pitlick Floods
Oct 22 Tom Chase, NREL/Student Climate Change
Oct 29 Don Campbell, USGS/Student Biogeochemistry of Loch Vale
Nov 5 Dick Sommerfeld, USFS/Student Biotic activity under snow
Nov 12 Kathy Tonnessen, NPS/Student Air quality and water quality
Nov 19 Mark Cerreze Remote sensing of snow and ice
Nov 26 No class Thanksgiving week
Nov 29 Students Paper presentations
Dec 6 Students Paper presentations